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Ethic, Creative, Effective.

We trust in a new way od doing advertising.

Ethic, Creative, Effective.

About JIMMY K. (12.10.1400 circa)

Jimmy K. is the man.
His birthday is still unknown, but he is mentioned as an adult in a document from 1430, which identifies him as Jacomus Aurifex.
Born in a village near the present Määnz in western Germany, between the rivers Rhine and Main, he began his career working as assistant in the laboratories owned by Johannes Gutenberg.
During his teen age, he was forced to leave the country and began a long pilgrimage that led him to Strasbourg, Naples, Paris and Genoa. In the following years he found fortune as interpreter and sailor in Andalusia and in Palos de la Frontera was hired by the Italian Colombo, sailing together towards El Salvador in 1492.
From the gentle Caribbean waters it began at that time to echo a seductive music of joy. The people who are now part of Jimmy K. are linked by a deep sense of belonging to life and the universe.

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